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But the presidential gaffe that garnered the most attention was his wearing of jeans in public. Can finally stop talking about the first lady penchant for showing off her toned arms, wrote Ellen Warren in a widely disseminated Chicago Tribune article ( President Barack Obama wearing jeans the national conversation can turn to something substantive: her husband unflattering, baggy blue jeans. Wrote Tanner Stransky, suppose President Obama is indeed a father, so we should allow him such a strike against humanity my oh my.

The lenses were as thin as normal with the 1.67 “high index polymer” upgrade (which is important as the prescription is bad in one eye, could result in super thick lenses). They slide down her nose and fall, both pairs. We bent them with pliers and a heat gun, followed the guide on Zenni site, even had the gall to take them into an opticians (Standard Optical) and they tried adjusting them for us, no dice.

The third candidate to make the ballot former Medicare chief Don Berwick wasn’t nearly so enamored of the status quo. He urged Democrats to remember their first principles, to be far more progressive in their values and urgent in applying them to social problems. His speech was more compelling because it focused on a former patient of Berwick’s, a young black man who grew up amid blight, carried a gun before puberty, and fought leukemia and won, only to succumb to hopelessness and despair.

However, the influence of Latin slowly declined, and in 1066 with the Norman (French people of Viking origin, basically) invasion of England, the language of the nobility became Norman French. From that, we get the idea that speaking “fancy English” is using a lot of French derived words, and a lot of synonyms. For example, “verdant” and “green” the former comes from French, the latter from English’s earlier Germanic roots.

“In the future, all the lads can do is approach every game at full throttle and do the same in life. No half measures. We invest too much time in hurling not to do it properly. “The safety and well being of our employees is our top priority. Considering the current escalation of the coronavirus, production will be put on hold, indefinitely. However, the office will remain open for you to pick up any materials or personal items.

But the outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan province and Trump’s suspicion that the Chinese government hid the severity of the situation have added a degree of volatility to long standing points of tension between the two countries over a number of issues, including human rights abuses and the status of Hong Kong. Officials and members of Congress have expressed increasing alarm about Hong Kong, and there have been widespread protests there over a series of moves by China to exert greater control over the territory. Under the terms of a China Britain agreement, Hong Kong was to have enjoyed significant autonomy from the communist government in Beijing for 50 years, starting in 1997..

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