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This was taken a few years back my love of HDR What I would give to get back to Rome and spend a week HDR Rome is in my top 5 places to visit in the world. I could photograph the Colosseum for hours! Hopefully I can get to Italy next year. I still have yet to visit Tuscany, Venice, Florence, Pisa, etc Italy is one great place 2 explore! As for Rome, it is a big city.

Is the largest donor to the WHO, contributing more than $400 million per year. And the administration had chosen to funnel extra funds provided by Congress through the WHO as well, a tacit endorsement of its capabilities. Narrative of a long standing health leader, ceding ground to the (People’s Republic of China).”.

And use plenty of praise, praise, and more praise. Is your child motivated by verbal encouragement? Stickers on a chart? Small toys or extra bedtime stories? Check in with what feels right for you and use it to reward positive potty choices. Your good attitude will come in handy, especially when “accidents” happen..

The scientists of this group see that the experience can be explained scientifically. There is a general consensus among them that it is nothing but hallucinations. The majority see that it is brought on by the loss of oxygen to the brain, which in medical terms is called anoxia.

The most influential bassist of all time and it not even close. Jamerson, aka Funk Brother 1, showed the music world how to create a bass line on hits for Motown artists, from Marvin Gaye and The Supremes to Stevie Wonder and The Temptations. More technically driven bassists would take the instrument to new heights with tone, style and improvisation over the next several decades.

We previously wrote about Grain when it raised a $1.7 million Series A back in 2016, and today it announced a $10 million Series B, which is led by Thailand Singha Ventures, the VC arm of the beer brand. A bevy of other investors took part, including Genesis Alternative Ventures, Sass Corp, K2 Global run by serial investor Ozi Amanat who has backed Impossible Foods, Spotify and Uber among others FoodXervices and Majuven. Existing investors Openspace Ventures, Raging Bull from Thai Express founder Ivan Lee and Cento Ventures participated..

PM Modi said he successfully empowered the poor, farmers, women and youth to shrink the rural urban gap. “The list of such historic actions and decisions taken in national interest would be too long to detail in this letter. But I must say that every day of this year, my government has worked round the clock with full vigour, taking and implementing these decisions,” Modi said..

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