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Cline’s pulpit, and if he wants to use it for bullying purposes, fine. My editors felt it best to leave out any mention of the incident, and that’s also fine. My record with this particular theater shows that despite similar previous antics on their part, I’ve always reviewed them without bias..

That preparation came in handy last year when Mathews surfed a break in Western Australia known as Right with world tour veteran Taj Burrow.The plan was for the pair to catch a wave at the same time, with Mathews positioned behind with a camera to film. But even with all their experience the duo were both taken down by one massive wave and copped a fair bit of punishment.wipe out behind Taj was the worst one I had in a long time. Just how deep I got pushed and how long I was down for and having to hold on to a big camera as well.

A: When industrialists began to produce guns in volume they were making huge investments in machinery. The equation changed from the gunsmith days, when one gun was crafted for one customer. Now manufacturers were making as many guns as they could it was bad business to leave machines idle.

Ever since old fashioned CRT televisions made way for flat screen panels, the type of screen has been almost as important as the brand of TV itself. The earliest flat screen TVs had plasma or CCFL backlit LCD panels, but both of these technologies are no longer in use commercially. Instead, today we have three popular types of screens OLED, QLED, and LED and most commercially available televisions have one of these types of screens..

Can an honest person survive in a world of dishonesty and not be seen as having gone bananas? Is there such a thing as being too honest? Isn’t honesty a quality that, like truth, is either there or not there? If that’s true, then doesn’t it mean it’s not possible to be “too honest?” Isn’t “too honest” simply being honest? It’s the same as saying something cannot be “too true,” because it is either true or not true. Take the idea of being able to tell a “half truth.” Isn’t a half truth simply a lie, disguised as the truth? I was taught it is possible to lie either by commission (by actually telling a lie), or by omission (by not telling the truth). And a half truth, like remaining silent when you know the truth, is lying by omitting part of the truth..

Dr. Valerie Williams Goss is a doctor of human services and a therapist in private practice who works in Oregon and Nevada. Her research on the unique issues interracial couples and biracial children encounter has been utilized in different programs in both Oregon and Nevada.

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