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Former child star and eternal heartthrob, Joseph Gordon Levitt, has committed to doing something creative every day during the Covid 19 crisis and has invited the public to join with him. This is an amazing way for the arts community (and anyone who is bored and looking for something to do) to maintain a sense of togetherness while social distancing. Since announcing his commitment to daily creativity, Levitt has lent his skills to several projects started by HitRecord members.

The latest project he has lent his voice talent to is The National Geographic Channel’s The Wild West. Olyphant narrates this three part series which reveals the real outlaws of the West, the anmials who call it home. The series consists of three episodes Gold Rush, High Noon and True Grit.

Before school starts on Sept. 8, the teachers are working to the curriculum, so that over a cycle of three years, each grade level will cover an age appropriate edition of all material, leaving no areas uncovered by the time the students graduate. The teachers are also looking for themes that cut across subject areas..

Living in Tumultuous TimesLiving in the Medieval times was no simple feat for any class or culture of people. In addition to pillagers and thieves, political corruption, and ongoing famine, the people also had to suffer through infectious diseases that were untreatable and inevitably incurable. Had the doctors of the Medieval Era been as educated as the doctors of today, maybe some of these pathogens could have been eradicated; however, these “intelligent men” were not even aware of the fact that these tiny cells or beings even existed..

It simple and hassle free. But before you finalize your purchase, read the consumer reviews and get user feed backs. This also ensures that you are not spending your hard earned money on a worthless imitation or a fake. I was so angry I put a bullet between his eyes. The female didn’t seem to notice. Was heat that strong in ancient humans? A worry of modern human DNA getting into ancient human gene pools came to mind.

(eds.) The Prehistoric Society Southampton Conference Field Guide. Southampton, 28. By Dr. In a very interesting (and short) book, Urban Planning for Murder: Murder Fact Event, Aristides Antonas argues that the governing logic of the city is to render murder anonymous, and therefore neutral and innocuous. The city takes the “eventness” out of murder. This is a way of identifying the city, which we can in turn identify with civilization, as the transcendence of the vendetta and the tribalism informing it.

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