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While Delsarte designed his system primarily for actors, in America it became a popular form of arty exercise. A woman named Genevieve Stebbins developed routines she labeled “aesthetic gymnastics” that were eagerly embraced by middle class women all over America. You may remember the scene in The Music Man where the mayor’s wife and several middle aged women perform studied gestures in preparation for a series of tableaux for a Fourth of July celebration (including a fountain that goes “trickle, trickle, trickle”).

For the moment, though, it all comes down to this. “Avengers: Endgame” can legitimately claim to have vaporized Hollywood’s record books. Globally after just its first weekend, it is the 18th highest grossing movie ever. Sipping a cup of Planters Afternoon black, without milk, takes on a completely different flavour after a scone liberally doused in clotted cream. ( cream acts like adding milk to the tea, Mr Silva explains. Similarly, try a tea you might usually drink with milk when eating a sandwich with lots of cheese or butter in it.

Ages 21 and up.Ryan Alexander of CivilianThough Ryan Alexander and Corey James Bost left South Florida to pursue successful music careers, the boys are back in town for the holidays. In celebration of their homecoming, Alexander and Bost will join musical forces for the night, “playing some old [songs] and some new ones” at Stache. Whatever you do, don’t miss it.With Corey James Bost.Lady Miss Kier of Deee LiteAfter jamming out with Ryan Alexander and Corey James Bost, burn all those post Christmas Day calories with Lady Miss Kier.

Dean Solway, Mark Higgs, Vele Dukoski and Stuart Bridgen had already been given their marching orders. Van Luin walked to the crease with his side in serious strife. MORE CANBERRA SPORT So Van Luin responded the only way he thought he could with a superb 122 from 127 deliveries to lift the Bluebags to 8 232 from 50 overs.

So if things get tough, try to keep them in perspective. Hang in there. Wearing public displays or having everyone accept your religion is not what makes you Pagan. A pack of fairy people broke in on us and began to playfully run around the area, stealing hats, tickling children and handing out flowers. They drew all attention, and recited verses by Yates that captured the mood of the season and sparked the imagination. “It stopped feeling silly at that point,” my friend explained; “I thought at least it was going to be fun and got into the spirit of things.” The fairies whispered for us all to follow them, and giggling like children we hunched down and hurried after them, leaving behind the pop tents and camping gear and parked cars, snaking and sneaking our way through the winding path, through the trees, into the ‘magic grove’..

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