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Zhao’s tweets are from mid March, and in them he suggests the US army could have been responsible for bringing the coronavirus to Wuhan.Visit ‘s homepage for more stories.Twitter has slapped its fact check icon on tweets from a spokesman for the Chinese government a day after it did the same thing to President Trump.Twitter added its “Get the facts about COVID 19″ tag to tweets from Lijan Zhao, a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry.The tweets are from mid March, and in one Zhao suggests the US Army could have brought the coronavirus to Wuhan, the city at the epicenter of the outbreak.”It might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make public your data! US owe us an explanation,” Zhao wrote.Twitter added its fact check tag after being alarted to Zhao’s tweets by The New York Post, the Post reports.Zhao has a history of trolling the US and the Trump administration on Twitter.The change comes as Twitter appears to be more willing to fact check tweets even from political figures, something its major rival Facebook notably avoids.On Wednesday Twitter labeled two tweets from President Trump with the same fact check badge. In the tweets Trump claimed that mail in votes in the 2020 presidential election would be subject to voter fraud.The Post says it pressed Twitter about a possible double standard in labelling Trump’s tweets but not Zhao’s.

His first loans were probably 4%. In 2007 8, all loan rates doubled to predatory levels, along side the cost of tuition. He got a doctorate, thats like 8 10 years. Not only will this help you gain access to whatever is in the container, it will also help you take out your aggression on it. Now that you’ve shown it who is boss, it is time to eat. Enjoy!.

I thought I try further afield and this hotel/B I really like I gladly walk the 25 mins to Victoria Station through . The people are really nice, bed and pillows are comfortable, linen is clean, the street is quiet compared with most in central London and I get a good sleep. It next to Albert Bridge and Battersea Park for a jog out of the traffic, and a walk along King Road in with little shops and eateries (and Waitrose) is nicer than Oxford Street IMO.

Our families are flourishing. Our values are renewed. Our pride is restored. I started by calling Miranda’s nanny, but her cell phone went straight to voice mail. The housekeeper was next on the list and, for once, a big help. She was able to tell me that the car wasn’t brand new and it was in fact a “convertible sports car in British racing green,” and that it was usually parked in a garage on Miranda’s block, but she had no idea what the make was or where it might currently be residing.

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