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Normally, the focal point of the Thanksgiving table is a roasted turkey. But this showstopping stuffed pumpkin, which can easily be adapted from vegetarian to vegan using egg and dairy substitutes, features a wonderfully seasoned bread and mushroom stuffing. Want a real splurge? Use wild mushrooms from the farmers’ market instead of crimini for added foresty flavor..

No one nearby pays him any attention whatsoever even though he is supposed to be beginning his ascent up steps to the speakers platform unaccompanied by other members of his entourage (such as his Secretaries Usher and Blair, members of Lincoln Cabinet, who like Secretary of State William Seward accompanied Lincoln to the platform). Prof. Oakley asserts that Secretary Seward is visible in the first Gardner photo seated on the speakers platform as many as 10 minutes before his Lincoln magically appears for the very first time and then begins his ascent up steps to the platform, ignored and unaccompanied by anyone.

Looking towards the Castle entrance from the Esplanade you see two of Scotland most famous historical figures: Robert the Bruce and William Wallace. They both changed the course of Scottish history and are both responsible for the Scots winning their independence in 1314 at Bannockburn. In the US, we all know William Wallace from the movie Braveheart..

The manatee is also known as a sea cow. Not the smartest animal in the world. Sometimes they get hit by boat propellers like one guy above took in some injuries. Later in the morning, administration sources confirmed to ABC News that the cyber assault targeting HHS was not a hack but a distributed denial of service or DDOS attack. There is an important distinction between a DDOS and a cyber attack. With a DDOS attack, there was no apparent breaching of the HHS system, which is good..

So, why not simply reject this odd Jewish notion and stick with what works, an undiluted divine imperium? For one thing, we know that kings can’t control the weather. But how did we come to know this? If in the more local sacral kingships, the “failure” of the king would lead to the sacrificial killing of that king (on the assumption that some ritual infelicity on the part of the king must have caused the disaster), what happens once the God Emperor is beyond such ritual punishment? Something else, lots of other things, get sacrificed. The regime of human sacrifice maintained by the Aztec monarchs was just the most vivid and gruesome example of what was the case in all such kingdoms human sacrifice on behalf of the king.

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