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I have heard the same, it not something that I explored yet because it not in my area of expertise to edit videos. If I get more traction, I would outsource that aspect and give a marketing script to an expert to edit a video for me. You have to specialise and manage your time carefully.

As i said above and despite all of that, I do wear my mask, but talking with people like you is perfectly illustrative of why this has become such an issue. You come off as overly hostile, trying to impose anything you want on everyone else. Which, sure we live in a society and laws are needed to function.

Specific topics aside, I definitely agree on your last point. There only interests and people trying to have their best interests met. However, if we had multiple different parties to vote for, you could vote for a variety of parties for different positions who all represented different pieces of your interests.

But Coakley’s image took a beating, as Democrats blamed her for losing the race. She was even lampooned on Saturday Night Live. “Martha Coakley, you are a disgrace!” said Fred Armisen, playing President Obama in a scathing skit. Mortar and Pestle: Another excellent item for working with herbs, I have one large granite one in my kitchen (it was a gift), a small one I use for teas and infusions, and another medium sized ceramic one I use when making incense or working with toxic herbs. I won’t use that for anything intended to be consumed. If you do not work with herbs, you won’t find it very useful.

Hong Kong’s protesters have a popular term for what’s happening: laam chau, literally “embrace” and “fry,” a metaphor for mutual destruction commonly translated as “If we burn, you burn with us.”The idea was radical when pro democracy protesters first used it last year to call for escalation in face offs with the police. If Hong Kong had no hope of preserving autonomy peacefully, they reasoned, then Hong Kongers should drag China down with them in flames together. Stoke the flames of a conflict that looks set to explode in Hong Kong..

Clearview AI made headlines when it was discovered the firm was scraping millions of websites, including the major social media platforms, to amass a database of billions of photos to pair with its facial recognition software. The company claimed it only made its service available to law enforcement and security personnel, but it was later discovered that was a lie. The company had also let friends and investors use its software for personal interests.

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