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To put this into perspective, Microsoft, Apple, RIM, and others paid $4.5 billion for 6,000 of Nortel patents and most of those weren even related to GSM, 3G, and 4G. Motorola on the other hand, with its long history of analog and digital cellphones, is up there with Nokia and Ericsson when it comes to wireless communications patents. In other words, for almost three times as much money, Google has purchased almost three times as many patents and unlike Apple and Microsoft, which only got a few useful patents from Nortel, Google has secured thousands of mobile related patents..

Lyon reminded investors that MapMyFitness accounts for less than 1% of the company total sales. may take up to an hour for moderation before appearing on the site. We ask you to keep your comments relevant and respectful. What I am about to reveal is actually not a very well hidden secret. If you know where to look you will see that others have already discussed and discovered the background story, and its a pretty amazing one at that. In it he describes the belief of many Jewish scholars, and in fact the thoughts and memories of many people back then who came from the Holy Land..

Tim Marrs has a similar take. “I didn’t have time to read the book as the deadline was fairly tight and I’m a slow reader. But I found a version online read by the one and only Stephen Fry, a perfect accompaniment for this story and a great way to spend a day or two allowing me to work on the Mac as I listened,” Marrs says.

Sam and Judy strapped theirs on while Josh told me, “You would just hold on to your seat cushion to stay afloat.”He then swung into the captain seat, grabbed the oars (I didn have to get my hands calloused) and we shoved off for a smooth 23 minute ride. That 15 minutes longer than Morris Pesin took to show how close the city is to the island, though his was a shortertrip from where the South Cove Bridge now stands.Sam remembered that the inspiration for his father publicity stunt was a 1957 family trek to Liberty Island that took two and a half hours from their Van Nostrand Avenue home, via the Holland Tunnel and Battery Park: “On Liberty Island, he looked westward and saw theJersey City shoreline so close.”Pointing to Downtown Jersey City and Port Liberte, Judy reflected on what might have been if not for her father efforts to make a park of the waterfront polluted rail yards. “When I look at Newport, I tell my kids this would all be luxury condos,” she said.Under the Statue of Liberty, 100 year old Frances Oakley, a school friend of Ethel Pesin, led a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance and belted out the national anthem before Sam made a lengthy speech.Another friend present was Charles Balzer, who was Morris Pesin partner for three years in the City Spirit Office, organizing cultural events from the old press room in the basement of City Hall.”He would do anything for the betterment of Jersey City,” Balzer said.

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