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“I know science, my friends, and I have a lot of friends, they love me, my friends they say I am the best when it comes to science. We have the best science here in the United States of America, the absolute best, I could sit here and tell you, and I absolutely could, and I could tell you, they say you are the best with science and I not just bragging because they say that. Anyway, my friends, they say I the most scientific president ever, very scientifical and, and just a wonderful, absolutely wonderful, uh, science president.

“They just started doing it. They didn’t give people time to leave the area if they didn’t want to engage with police on that level.”Monique Cullars Doty, an organizer with Black Lives Matter Twin Cities, said the police response hindered medical care for at least one person struck in the head with a rubber bullet.”They called 9 1 1 and the protesters were told that the police [on the scene] were the first responders and no medical attention was given. They were trying to get this person to ride to the hospital,” said Cullars Doty, whose own nephew was killed by police in nearby St.

JQuery has become practically synonymous with JavaScript, in large part because of its extensibility, ease of use and strong project leadership. With the goal of being a touch optimized web framework for tablets and smartphones, jQuery Mobile is one of the most visible projects aiming to take cross platform, cross device web development for mobile browsers to the next level. As more and more developers consider building apps with HTML5, a solid mobile JavaScript framework becomes more and more enticing.

W. L. Wong, S. We have the safety measures. We have the plan. And we have best in class operators. So rarely has one player been the face of a franchise for so long. So rarely has one player performed with such grace under pressure and represented his franchise and adopted city with such style. The birth certificate may have been issued in Sweden on March 2, 1982, but New York has become home to him, his wife, Therese, and their two daughters, 7 year old Charlise and 4 year old Juli.”I love it here.

“They had the batter scores up there for a bit, so I was a bit nervous when I was in the nineties. I just got a few lucky ones away, it was a bit of a relief to get the first one,” Van Luin said. “Being 4 7 is not what you want, especially in a semi final.

The theme that so often emerges from Veep where Selina is sometimes the villain and sometimes the hero, quite a feat of nuance is that these characters don’t inhabit a great system that happens to be full of terrible people. They inhabit a system that provides perverse incentives that perpetuate dysfunction. It’s a braver way to cut into political culture than it would be if that teleprompter had ended up going on the fritz because some political enemy, rubbing his hands together, had cut the wires..

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