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Encore! I think this is my favorite of the originals I’ve seen. It kind of nestles up to the High School Musical brand, in that it’s a reality series in which each episode reunites the cast members of an actual high school musical, challenging them to not only catch up with each other but restage their original show. The first episode brings the cast of a 1996 Santee, Calif., production of Annie back together, and while a lot of it is pretty cheesy, there’s something very genuine about grown adults who have largely abandoned theater coming back to it, just briefly, to revisit what made them theater kids in the first place..

IKEA manager in Poland charged for firing worker over anti gay commentsA Polish prosecutor has charged an IKEA manager with religious discrimination for firing an employee who called homosexuality “an abomination” on the company internal website. The employee at IKEA Krakow store was fired last year after quoting passages from the Bible referring to homosexuality on the company intranet and refusing to remove his comments, a spokesman for the Warsaw prosecutor office said. Fast forward four months and the virus has spread across all 50 states, leaving a death toll of 100,000 from more than 1.6 million confirmed cases.

Turns out, that’s all anybody’s been doing with the Warder Totten House for almost 14 years: looking at it. Since Antioch College’s failed School of Law bugged out in 1986 after taking terrible care of the property, nobody has laid a finger on the place. Nobody, that is, except for squatters and poachers and pyromaniacs, who, following Antioch’s example, helped reduce this onetime Shangri La with its mahogany interiors, marble arches, and imported Japanese tea room to a sad, gaping stack of ashlar sandstone.

Anthony’s Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, those who wish may make a memorial contribution to St. Box 457, Greenville, ME 04441. The National Sleep Foundation advises against watching TV, listening to music, or reading in bed. Sure, it’s comfortable, but you want to create a mind body connection with your bed and sleep not a Netflix marathon. Keep your extracurricular activities to other spaces in your home or apartment.

Asian giant hornets are the largest species of hornet in the world. They attack and destroy honeybee hives, entering a phase where they literally decapitate bees and take the hive as their own, using the thoraxes from the dead bees to feed their young, according to the WSDA. Just a few hornets can decimate a honey bee hive in a number of hours.

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