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For his film, Rose interviewed Felstiner, Chris Wiltsee and many of the parishioners Townsend had spoken to. Church member Toni Breese is shown speaking in a soft voice about befriending Wiltsee, giving her fruit and yogurt and trying to help her, even when Wiltsee would fly into rages or pretend to be mute. Breese also gave her photos of people in town with notes so that Wiltsee would know who they were..

If someone said they had to take all the tattoos off of your body, but you could keep one, which would it be? “I would keep my wolf tattoo, because it’s done by Thomas Hooper. He’s one of my favorite tattoo artists. It was really like a super emotional time for me.

“There is a lot of noise and competition in the digital and social engagement space these days,” said Hassas. “What got me excited about Platform is the fact that it enables consumer to consumer sharing and allows brands to capture valuable data about their existing and potential customers that they don’t already have or even have the ability to acquire. Platform creates the opportunity for brands to identify consumers who are actively engaged with their brand and establish an on going dialogue with them through the use of one simple dashboard.

Smith’s sophomoric antics, both on and off the court, have been a constant throughout his career. In Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals, Smith famously forgot the score during the closing seconds of regulation during the Cavaliers 124 114 overtime loss to the Warriors. With the score tied, Smith grabbed an offensive rebound and dribbled the ball out as time expired instead of trying to score.

Lorenz Cathedral in Nurnberg, Germany! I truly enjoy shooting any churches and/or cathedrals in HDR. I say as long as the composition is solid, the photo will be wonderful!!! For this shot I added the fisheye lens to broaden the view. The candle they put in the middle of the floor is sweet for photos! Add a little longer exposure and you get the light flare! This view is of the backside of the Cathedral where the entrance is located.

“When we started our meeting it took 30 minutes for him to calm down. His thoughts were scattered. He couldn’t focus. Do not attempt to correct a gas leak on your own. While a check valve error when your gas BBQ grill will not get hot or will not ignite is a user education error and an issue corrected by learning about your barbeque and your propane tank, a gas leak should be corrected by a licensed gas service technician. When using your gas grill, turn the tank on first and then the barbecue grill to begin grilling.

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