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2 3: Winter Park Wildcat Invitational (Orlando); Mar. 8 10: Forza Stefano Invitational Mar. 17: Boca Raton Invitational; Mar. The failure of the Greek government led by Antonis Samaras to win a majority vote for its favored presidential candidate means that Greece faces a snap general election on January 25, news that saw the Greek stock market fall 5% in one day.Polls suggest that the likely winner in the Greek general election will be Alexis Tsipras and his left wing populist party, Syriza. The problem with that for the EU is that with more than a quarter of the Greek population unemployed, despite some signs of recovery in the economy, Syriza is winning wide support for its pledge to dump most of the pledges attached to its bailouts by the rest of Europe.Tsipras wants to end the austerity program imposed largely at Germany’s insistence, reverse cuts in the minimum wage and repudiate much of Greece’s debts. Although Tsipras has toned down his previous rhetoric and says he wants Greece to remain in the euro, it is hard to see how it could if he wins and holds to his election promises.Greece’s departure would be the first major blow for the euro, and the wider EU.

Had a 20 round clip in his BAR, but was a terrible shot, and missed his target. Got in Salyer’s maroon Ford four door. Marshal Humphrey died of his wounds after the weekend. The Bruins must find a way to win at least one game in Montreal if their season it to continue past this round. If that is to occur Thursday in Game 5, Boston will have to play at least, perhaps, 50 minutes of hockey. In Game 2 Saturday, the Bruins showed up for 7:58 of the third period, notched four goals and tied the series.

“I, frankly, think it’s insulting that any political group would assume that women would vote for a woman because she’s a woman.”The crowd of about 30 women broke into applause.Later, asked about the battle for women’s votes in an interview, she was just as plain spoken. “The first thing is: There’s no war on women,” she said. “I just find that insulting.

I turned around and saw that, unbeknownst to me, a student made an adjustment to my name that I’d written on the board. In giant letters it said Mr. COCKson. They set off together the following fall for California where he attended law school at Stanford University. In 1968, following his law school graduation, John and Roxi moved back to their hometown where he joined a local law firm. John and Roxi moved to Minneapolis in 1970 so that John could specialize his legal practice.

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