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The Mercedes demo on the show floor took the form of a virtual drive in a simulator through San Francisco with points of interest circled, the idea being you could gesture to get more information. The gesture you’d use in a busy urban area might be a raised middle finger because of the potential information overload: restaurant, bar, jewelry shops, tour bus stops, bridge and tunnel congestion. And that’s even before you wonder who’s providing the POI information and is it there because it’s the best, or because it pays the automaker the best.

Color a walnut size piece of marzipan with the green food coloring until the marzipan is deep green. Reserve. Using a sifter or a fine mesh strainer, dust a scrupulously clean work surface with confectioners’ sugar. The love I saw is impossible to put into words. You just have to see it to believe it. If you want goosebumps go drive down Adair, it’s special..

What made her so special or stand out from the other gypsies was her strange way of sitting still for so long, her body got stuck in one position. It was the constant way she sat on the ground with her knees drawn up to her chin that caused the trouble. Her sinews became so stiff she couldn’t straighten them out..

(11) In a season filled with dramatic moments, Matt says he found himself in quite an emotional state while rehearsing for the classic song from The Wizard Of Oz that would propel him into the Top Two: “One of the toughest moments I had on the show was trying not to cry while I was singing ‘Over The Rainbow.’ (laughs) My emotions were really bad when I first got the song. I was in band rehearsals and I, literally, could not get through it, because it is such a sweet song. I just wanted to do a nice simple rendition of it, but I was sitting there reflecting on my crazy journey on the show, and out came these like happy tears.

But Sgt. Dennis Gafford testified that while standing in Hughes’ living room, he did notice that a pair of metal framed glasses were “stuffed” between two couch cushions. (Directly contradicting Hamilton’s testimony, Gafford testified that the apartment was “well lit,” allowing him to spot the glasses.).

And so it goes. After 13 episodes and one as long as a movie season finale, we find ourselves at the end of the second run of “Orange Is The New Black.” With consistency in mind, I’m going to stick to episodes 11, 12 and 13 for this post, again reiterating the possibility that maybe sometime next week, we’ll go all macro on this second season (stress the “reiterating the possibility” part). For now, though, let’s dive into how the whole thing wrapped up with the following five things to think .

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