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Forget the one offs. How about the countless wars decalred in his name? Okay. Fine. For many children, sleep away camp is the first time they have been away from home for any appreciable amount of time. The weeks at camp become a chance to grow up at least a little. Since kids usually are at camp for a short time, camp staff won insist that they eat their vegetables, complete their projects, or buff up a particular skill.

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Humor can knock down the walls of unapproachability and self importance, potential obstacles perceived or otherwise that anyone who seeks to bring the truth of Jesus and his teachings into someone’s life is liable to face. “How many people work in the Vatican your Eminency?” This was a question once posed to then Pope John XXIII by a nervous young reporter. “About half” the Pope replied without skipping a beat.

Or so readers learn in The Wright Brothers, David McCullough’s new book about the two most famous names in aviation history. It’s an outgrowth of “The Greater Journey,” McCullough’s 2011 book about the unique role of Paris in shaping the destinies of creative Americans. If “The Greater Journey” proved uncharacteristically diffuse a sprawling narrative in search of a center then “The Wright Brothers” finds McCullough in familiar form, his story offering the kind of conversational biography that’s become his trademark..

The are many spots to see in Rome to photograph. I flew into Rome last year for business and typically get in on a Sunday AM. I was to make my way up Italy on Monday and leave Rome the next day. Their mission is honoring those who lose their lives, protecting the rest of us in the cause of freedom.One day she came up with the idea of creating a lasting memorial outside of the gravesites of the fallen heroes. She wanted people to know the soldier’s names, keep their memories alive, and have a place where the families of the fallen could gather in remembrance.Dedication of Fallen Warriors MemorialDedication of this memorial must have been beautiful to attend. On October 6, 2012, it took place with some congressional representation and groups of people like the Boy Scouts, a school choir, and elementary school students.Patriot Guard Riders are motorcycle riders who attend gravesite services showing respect for the fallen and their families.

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