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A: I think on the road, I think there’s gonna be a real cohesive kind of group sportsthink that, “Hey, we’re in this together, we’ve gotta keep each other healthy.” And each hotel is gonna provide whether it’s a team only bar, team only restaurant that they’ll be able to spend even more time together on the road than they ever have in the past because they’re gonna be protecting each other. And at home, I think what’s gonna happen, and I’ve seen it happen to a lot of sports people, is that players that are out and not minding themselves the proper way are gonna be social video shamed. So I think that there’s gonna be a report card on you (chuckle), on how do you handle your business when you’re at home with your family.

The bills, which are both waiting on Gov. Dennis Daugaard’s (R) signature to become law, have underscored the divide between religious conservatives and gender rights advocates in Republican heavy South Dakota a conflict that continues to play out both in other states and on a national level. Governor Daugaard has said he will research the issue before deciding whether to sign, according to local media reports..

In the seasons following the outburst at the Garden, Curry led the league in 3 pointers five times. In 2016, he became the league’s first unanimous MVP, finishing with an NBA record 402 3 pointers.In the showdown, Curry and Anthony showed why each style is effective. Three minutes into the game, Anthony received in the ball in the post, took a dribble and muscled in a layup on rookie forward Draymond Green.One quarter later, he got the ball near the free throw line on Carl Landry, faced up and drained a mid range jumper.

Donald Rumsfeld Master United States DiplomatNow I hoped you watched the video above, and I hope you saw how absolutely diplomatic and charming Donald Rumsfeld seemed. Please do take a moment to watch it if you haven’t I want you to realize that Donald Rumsfeld made an entire career out of performances exactly like that one. He is nothing BUT diplomatic and charming on video, and of course being an actor has been an in your face attribute of the charade of American politics since Ronald Reagan was in office..

Brigham One Skein Hat: This delicate, lacey crochet hat uses a variety of crochet stitches, the shell stitch, picot stitch, cluster stitch, and V stitch. While the stitches are more difficult, the hat is much less dense than other patterns, decreasing the number of stitches needed. I would suggest attempting this pattern only after making a few hats with simpler patterns first..

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