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“I opened my eyes, and I wanted to write. That’s how my mornings go. I didn’t have my notebook, so I went down to the car to grab my backpack. The answer is a story of inertia and bureaucracy. Just look at its exterior for a lesson in Union Station’s dysfunctions: Columbus Plaza is no man’s land, and everyone’s. Owned by the National Park Service, it also falls within the purview of the District Department of Transportation, as well as the Union Station Redevelopment Corporation (the federally chartered nonprofit that runs the station).

My middle name is Gaelic and I speak English, Spanish and ASL (intermediately). The point I getting at is, I used to think these things were me trying to figure out which community I truly belonged to, when in reality I belong to all of them. All the diversities in my life accumulate into who I am as a whole, as yours do you.

Brokeback Mountain tells the story of two sheep herders, Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist, who fall in love amidst the Wyoming mountains. Their fraught, secret, on and off again romance ends in tragedy when Jack dies, leaving Ennis with a lifetime of grief and regret. The story is actually a sequel to a previous Brokeback fanfiction, Divergent Dreams, in which Ennis and a very much still alive Jack settle down on a farm in Minnesota..

Chipotle argued it has a small, active and engaged board that has been fully involved in the food safety response, but that did not prevent 30 per cent of shareholders opposing the re election of Patrick Flynn, who runs the committee in charge of nominating new directors. Yet many still express dissatisfaction with the quality of candidates and the make up of even large corporate boards, especially in the US, which has been slower to hand shareholders rights that have been common elsewhere for years, thanks to standards like the 1992 Cadbury Code in the UK. There are increasing calls for companies to create more board seats for minorities and women and for refreshment to sweep away vestiges of the clubroom atmosphere..

It is not up to the families of innocent people of color who are murdered to fight this battle. It is up to the rest of us. How can we expect the victims of these crimes or their communities to do it alone? If white society does not take a stand, it will not get done.

When Clayton Moore began portraying the Lone Ranger on television, Frank Fulop redesigned the figure in the “Hi Yo, Silver” image of the rearing horse seen at the beginning and the end of the show. Three Hartland figures (Annie Oakley, Lone Ranger, and Roy Rogers) used the rearing horse. Only the color changed..

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