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YouTube networks are becoming a hot commodity in Hollywood. In a much smaller but similarly motivated deal back in May, DreamWorks Animation acquired teen skewing YouTube multichannel network Awesomeness TV for $33 million. That deal also carried a significant performance based incentive payout that could eventually boost the purchase price up over $100 million..

Gov. Dan Patrick, unveiled Senate Bill 6 earlier this month, a bill that would bar transgender people from using the bathroom that matches their gender when visiting or working in government buildings. Instead, all people in such buildings for any reason would be compelled to use a restroom matching the gender assigned them at birth..

The other half expressed significant frustration about freezing, buffering and lag time. Some acknowledged it was a price to pay for increased access. Others were less forgiving, noting problems as severe as having to re start the WatchESPN app during every commercial break and indicating the glitches had cut down on their Syracuse basketball consumption..

Verbal Commands can also be a crucial part in training a puppy. When you take it to an area where you want it to litter use some sort of command such as “Go Poop” or “Go take care of your business” etc. Use a specific command each time you want your puppy to poop and this would make the puppy aware of what you want it to do..

After asking if she had been wrong to change the name against her parents wishes on Reddit, one replied: “Your parents were kind of selfish to do that to you, in my opinion. There is zero reason for parents to name their kids these weird things when they know people are cruel.”Another replied: “She gets to pick your name when you a kid. You an adult now, and you are allowed to dislike what she picked and change it.

John Collins led the Hawks with 27 points, converting 9 of 16 shots, including 3 of 5 from 3 point range. Trae Young, who averages 29.6 a game, was held to 16 points, making only 4 of 16 on the night, including missing all but one of his 10 3 point attempts. Young, who missed Friday loss against Washington with flu like symptoms, said there were still some lingering effects..

Ape MenAll across the globe there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of old folktales and mythologies that describe a “man of the forest” or a hairy ape like man. Logically speaking the only peoples who should have any stories relating to apes are those who live in close proximity to wild apes. No ape species live in Asia, Europe, or the Americas and yet many cultures on these four continents have stories that predate zoos and the like by thousands of years.

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