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Owen’s focus on cars as an agent of sprawl tends to exclude other factors that spur the growth of suburbs. He makes only passing reference to quality of life issues such as education, crime, and street noise that drive city dwellers away from the urban core. And as Robert Bruegmann told readers in his book, “Sprawl,” migration from city centers is not unique to modern America, but rather a historical reality that goes back centuries, long predating the rise of the auto.

“Any one of the three could win the endorsement, but if I had to guess I’d say it will be Becky,” says a political analyst who has helped run numerous statewide campaigns but has no client in the governor’s race. “She is the best liked by the delegates. Stadiums kill Kelley.

McEnroe grew up in and still lives in New York, and considers MSG his home arena. The inside cover of his new book, Seriously, is decorated with ticket stubs from games and concerts at the arena, including a Knicks playoff game. But like many Knicks fans, he getting fed up with what he sees..

So. I admit, I actually have a Fu Manchu mug (though I thought it was a “Dr. Funk” mug meant for the cocktail Dr. Sanctions. The vessels included Ashura class speedboats, Zolfaghar coastal patrol boats and Taregh submarines, state television reported. The deal, announced at parallel press conferences in Oslo and Copenhagen on Friday afternoon, showed Sweden has failed in its diplomatic efforts to be included in the first stage of a Nordic travel bubble.

However, despite bruising courtroom defeats Kraft is taking its claim to be the rightful owner of Australia favourite peanut butter all the way to the high court.If it wins, New South Wales dairy firm Bega Cheese may have to write off a hefty chunk of the almost half billion dollars it spent on snapping up both the famous peanut butter with the yellow lid and its stablemate spread Vegemite.It had received notice that Kraft Heinz had filed an application in the high court seeking leave to appeal the judgement of the federal court which ruled in May last year that the spread formerly known as Kraft peanut butter now fully belonged to Bega.In a twist to proceedings, it has been mooted that even if Kraft wins back one of its most successful Australian products, it may then sell its Australian business.In 2012, Australia Kraft peanut butter was owned as you might expect by Kraft. That year, the company split its global business into two units transferring its Australian operations to a new firm called Mondelez.Mondelez took control of the peanut butter and Vegemite spreads and paid Kraft for the rights to use its name on the jars.In 2017, Mondelez was more interested in its Cadbury chocolate and Oreo biscuit business and sold the spreads, the Port Melbourne factory where they were churned and the recipe to Bega for $460 million.Bega promptly removed the Kraft brand from the packs, replacing it with its own name.The US company wanted back into the $110 million Australian peanut butter market, a market that it used to control two thirds of.Kraft Heinz argued the peanut butter dress which means the shape of the jar, distinctive yellow lids and label design were not part of Mondelez deal with Bega.To drive home the point Kraft relaunched its peanut butter, in almost identical packaging, which was now made in NSW and to a different recipe.It led to the perplexing situation where what was the classic Kraft peanut butter was now branded Bega, while what looked like the classic Kraft peanut butter was in fact completely different.However, Kraft Heinz has had trouble getting traction for its rebooted spread. It not stocked in any major supermarkets, beyond IGA.At the time Justice David O acknowledged the trade dress had been created by Kraft, but said it had been bought fairly and squarely by Bega and it not Kraft Heinz was now entitled to use the yellow lid and red and blue peanut label.In February, Bega said the ongoing legal slog had set it back at least $9.5 million.Mr McNamara has said Bega will stand its ground as it faces up to Kraft Heinz in yet another spread showdown..

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