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On the other hand, the very nature of search engines presents a problem. Search engines really cannot be compartmentalized to a single country. If Google results were showing inaccurate information, wouldn’t you want ALL of that inaccurate information scrubbed from search results whether it is in your home country or worldwide?.

The candid photos taken that day reveal both a fairly relaxed Lincoln and a physically haggard, aged beyond his years looking Chief Executive and Commander in Chief. Around the same time, Horace Greeley more colorfully described Lincoln face as looking tempest tossed, and weatherbeaten. Fortunately, the President junket to Gardner studio was to produce photographs far more artistic, compelling, and enduring than the painted portrait which Matthew Wilson completed only after Lincoln was assassinated and died on April 15, 1865..

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As a member of the 106th Rescue Wing in the Air National Guard since 2002, Joseph has been performing the mission of Combat Search and Rescue as a radio operator on a C 130, participating in over 5 tours of deployment in Japan, Africa, and most recently Iraq. While deployed in Iraq, he covered over 576 alert hours flying 20 combat missions for national strategic strike assets penetrating a high threat environment. Additionally, Joseph played an instrumental role in saving over two thousand American lives during Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Ultimately, the non CBPD parent shifting their strategy and taking greater control of the playing field is the child’s best hope of making gains for the child. This parent needs to learn how to effectively emotionally ‘hold on to themselves’ to a much higher degree to lessen the emotional abuse that they themselves struggle with so that their child can learn how to do the same. Though the steps to do this are out of the scope of this article, the good reader will find a plethora of information available through reading.

When you take somebody with a blues or a rock and roll voice and you tell those stories, it’s really powerful. Blues and rock and roll are all about feel and country is all about stories and lyrics. So, if you take that feel and you apply it to those stories and those lyrics it’s so much more powerful than just your average blues song or your average rock song.

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