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Why are we then so inclined to think through the coronavirus pandemic using wartime metaphors? Why do we think of disease through metaphors at all? Metaphors help us understand what is incomprehensible, in terms of what we comprehend. In that, they are powerful and transformative and capable of changing the way we experience a situation beyond our control. The war metaphor conveys a perilous situation that requires violent response even as fear and anxiety grips populations across the globe..

The stylish girl loves the personalized tote bags because she feels stylish and confidence in her while she uses it. A wedding bridesmaid chooses the tote bag which color match with his dress and other accessories. She looks more comfortable by using it.

7 Ramon CastroThe typical modus operandi of baseball card manufacturers is to show the players in exciting action shots, highlighting their skills and wowing the fans. Sometimes, however, they opt for more candid snapshots, showing a sort of photographic version of a slice of life vignette. Doing so does sometimes work, artistically, demonstrating the more human side of the featured player.

A political cartoonist, Clifford Berryman, published a cartoon of the president refusing to shoot the bear. Shopkeeper had his wife make up a few stuffed bears and sent one to President Roosevelt, asking if he could call the animal, ‘Teddy’s bears.” Roosevelt said yes, and the rest is history. The shopkeeper’s name was Morris Michton, and he and his wife had such success with the bears that they closed their shop and opened, “The Ideal Toy Company.” The company is still in existence today..

There’s a theory that when we are borne our brain decides what gender we are. If we are male then testosterone is sent around our body. The amounts sent can differ so a flood could create a Man, Man, whilst a drought could create an Arthur Windemere.

This brings to mind an incident that occurred a couple years back while I was riding with a friend. We were traveling on a highway when he accidentally cut off a car behind us. Immediately, the car caught up to us at a light and the man rolled his window down and began to loudly berate my friend.

Palak Shah is the owner and founder of Open Spaces Capital, a real estate development company and Open Spaces Women Portfolio Plan, a coaching program to empower women with knowledge to build wealth and financial independence using the BRRRR strategy for real estate investing. She graduated with a masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois and has worked as an engineer in various industries and capacities. After the birth of her two kids and realizing that she needed to create a life with financial independence that allowed more time for her family, she decided to make the move to entrepreneurship.

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