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Reaction to the post has been decidedly split is to be expected considering the state of, well, everything in America right now. Those on the left have welcomed her to the resistance, while the right has issued their age old retort of “Shut up and sing,” which is ironic considering their full throated embrace of Kanye West and his MAGA hat, but we digress. In one standout tweet, former Gov.

I read about the fugitive I’m chasing, or a fugitive that was like him. I read Tony Robbins when I get a chance. I read a lot of the Bible, King James. Have both been cited as possible bidders for Lululemon in recent weeks.would think now that Under Armour is worth three times the amount of Lululemon, somebody got to be thinking something, Wilson said.Lululemon filed for an offering in June that allowed Wilson and his wife to exit their roughly 14 per cent stake in the company. The move followed the settlement of a dispute between Lululemon and its outspoken founder, who had said he was unhappy with the direction the retailer took after he left as chairman. As part of that deal, Wilson agreed not to pursue a buyout of the company for at least a year..

The same applies to batteries for electrical appliances such as cameras, torches and bike lights. Don’t stock up in advance. Buy as you go.. Even still, dealing with who did the killing is not all that justice demands. Dr King said the question is not only who killed him, but also what killed him?Those of us who have faced the lethal force of systemic racism have also learned something else in the American story. We can be wounded healersThe systemic racism that killed George Floyd has taken untold souls from us for over 400 years.

For me, I never want to know. I think it would seriously impact the way I live my life, causing me to approach many happy occasions morbidly and put a damper on things for others. While it is true that I have Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn’s Disease and a brain tumor that has to be reduced periodically, my doctors have never given me a prognosis in months or years.

Church leaders had to be tithers, attending Intercessory prayer, faithfully coming to Sunday and Wednesday services, sowing seeds,(giving the pastor extra money on random occasions) and traveling with him to preaching engagements. Anyone who became the leader of the month did so by jumping through the hoops that pleased the shepherd, rather than serving from their hearts as they chose because they loved the Lord. In this church, guest preachers came in often and talked about how we should obey our spiritual father and help him reach his personal goals.

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