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I can understand why you would be frustrated. I personally have never worked at a store that does that small amount of business a day but in my opinion they should have more cash available than that. You figure about 10% of the customers pay with cash typically and I wouldn’t think more than 10% of people would return their purchases so that really isn’t much cash they would need to have onhand.

Should there be a drought advisory or a drought watch, customers would be asked to voluntarily conserve water resources. If it escalates to an emergency level, priority users would be identified and served. Those would include facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes.

After finally catching their prey, the brothers had returned him to Live Oak, Florida, the county seat of Suwannee county where the crime had occurred. At Caraway’s request, the sheriff had taken possession of the arrested man’s horse, rifle, and pistol to hold for him until justice had been served. The Florida officials also requested that Robert hold onto the man’s possessions until notified otherwise.

Creating and using a List When you feel emotionally stable, make a list of things that make you feel better. Keep it in easy reach so when you feel bad you don have to think, just read and do. Some possibilities 7 minute workout, make a favorite cup of tea or cocoa, meditate.

I can imagine a great spot for a wedding! If you are ever going to shoot a church, stop by as soon as it opens. I usually luck out and have no issues with using a tripod. I think photographers need to compile a book with a list of locations that allow tripods.

A pet dog in North Carolina recently gave birth to a lime green puppy, leaving many stunned. Gypsy, a white German shepherd owned by Shana Stamey, delivered puppies Friday morning, reports USA Today. It all went smoothly until the green pup now named Hulk after the fictional superhero of the same hue emerged..

Sadly today, this species has disappeared from most of its range, largely down to the rise of man. As predators ourselves, the lion became a natural competitor, so as our populations increased, so the lions decreased. Also many of the large herbivores that the lions relied upon vanished at the end of the last ice age, possibly down to climate change or human hunting or a combination of the two..

The House Sparrow is reported to be one of the most common birds in the world, with a population of about 1.4 billion. The little songbird is joined at the hip with Homo sapiens, being completely synanthropic, or ecologically associated with humans. The bird’s habitat range is essentially wherever people are present, in rural and urban settings..

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