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“If you want to be a tough guy and tell the world you deal with your own issues and don need help, then you a fool and will be back in court sooner rather than later,” he said. “The behaviour you have engaged in is not normal or acceptable. You have drug related issues and if you do not do anything about your addiction to drugs, you will be back in court and jail.” The magistrate said there was support available to Oakley.

Once he hired Jeff Hornacek and resistance to the triangle surfaced, Jackson needed to let Hornacek coach the team with an offense of his choosing. In his playing career, Hornacek was one of the smartest players and had his own ideas. If Carmelo Anthony had embraced the triangle like Jordan did, Jackson’s presidency could have succeeded.

Even though you’ve probably waved a rally towel before, it’s unlikely you ever thought about who first came up with the idea. The rally towel likely has its origins at Western Kentucky University where basketball coach E. A. You are NOT measuring the distance of a calculated parallel plane to the datum plane. Instead the various thickness values should be between two reference planes parallel to A positions the given tolerance from each other. You are correct in saying this can be measured with calipers, however if this is a simple washer like ring, you should be able to place the part on a ground surface and measure local thickness with a height gage..

The online universe has no shortage of recipes for making cold process and hot process soaps. There are tutorials abound, no matter your skill level. But when it comes to melt and pour glycerin soaps, it’s a lot harder to find good recipes from experienced soap makers.

They do what they do for the love of ‘their’ club, not for any monetary reward, often taking on multiple roles for many years. A small proportion of those interviewed were already known to me, or were individuals I was already aware of through various sources. These I contacted in advance and they agreed to participate.

2442KbAbstractHydrodynamics is the low energy effective field theory of any interacting quantum theory, capturing the long wavelength fluctuations of an equilibrium Gibbs density matrix. Conventionally, one views the effective dynamics in terms of the conserved currents, which should be expressed in terms of the fluid velocity and the intensive parameters such as the temperature and chemical potential. However, not all currents allowed by symmetry are physically acceptable; one has to ensure that the second law of thermodynamics is satisfied on all physical configurations.

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