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“Waitress” does that, but not in that forced and strident way so many musicals attempt, mistaking earnestness with heavy handedness. Oh sure, there are some small concessions. The humor is played broad, which might be a good thing in expansive spaces such as performing arts centers now that the show is on the road.

All of the companies involved claimed that the Facebook Phone would be unique, but you could download the Home interface onto any Android device you wanted to. Zuckerberg expressed disappointment in the rollout, and when even Mark Zuckerberg is disappointed in an idea, it must have been terrible. AT marked the price down to 99 cents in a “promotional deal,” and then the phone vanished forever, back into the same terrible dimension they quarantined the “Poke” feature in..

The British have clung on to the name of their beloved penny, resisting its abandonment, even though its value changed on decimalization. But it is now of such low value that its demise cannot be far away. Its popularity has waned, not helped by the subterfuge of sellers saying “9.99” when they really mean “10”.

He just got one yesterday! He just started his meds less than a week ago to so he’s still building up to his full RX, but he’s got a followup appointment in about 3 weeks. That definitely sounds like some stuff he’s been going through though, and it seems to be triggered by heat and/or stress (we live in Phoenix). He gets a little more emotional too, I honestly thought he was drinking at first because it would usually happen after he’d be walking around the neighborhood on business calls.

Jeg ser moderatorens opgave som vrende at holde sig tilbage og lade tingene kre. Man skal kun fjerne spam og evt doxxing. Folk som opfordrer til oprr skal dog sls hrdt ned p, da jeg synes der er for meget kaos og brok, bare se p denne trd. The Haikouichthys is , or rather, was, the earliest known fish and one of the first craniates ( possesses a backbone and a distinct head). It was narrow and only grew to about an inch long. It was fist discovered in a formation near Haikou, Yunnan, China.

Nothing to lose. Not sure if it is what I will end up doing as the world will let me know one way or the other but excited to try new creative things. Recently discovered creative passions that I had been ignoring for some time so just trying different things to see what resonates.

Tasks is a nifty little tool that allows you to list a set of activities you need to carry out. These activities are more of personal, user based tasks, where you can monitor your status and progress. You can set certain tasks and mark it as either “Not Started”, “Completed”, “In Progress”, “Waiting on someone else”, or “Deferred”, set a percentage value to indicate your progress, and set start and due dates for better organization.

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