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In response to low income and minority students’ declining test scores on the state’s Smarter Balanced exam, particularly in math by the end of eighth grade, district administrators and middle school principals worked over the last two months to design a middle school math program that will better serve a broader swath of students. Their plan which at this point does not require action by the school board, Superintendent Don Austin noted on Tuesday, as it includes content shifts rather than new courses or core materials advocates for standards based learning over traditional grades. It also pushes for mixed ability rather than laned classes, which tracks students into higher and lower levels of math.

Robb Stark’s CrownRobb Stark is Ned Stark’s eldest child and as such, according to the laws of primogeniture, the rightful heir to the Winterfell seat and the rights and incomes that go with it. Following Ned’s death, Robb is claimed by his clansmen to be the King in the North, a title that the Starks were entitled to in Westeros’ ancient past. Shortly before Robb’s death, he announces Jon snow to be his chosen heir: Jon will stand to inherit the throne of the King in the North should Robb die, and on announcing this, Robb asks that all of his attendant lords accept Jon Snow’s claim to the throne and swear to defend it, in writing.

Then, on Jan. 31, 48 year old Phillips shot himself in the head with a .357 caliber Magnum. Several Michigan telephone numbers were found in his shirt pocket, which helped lead investigators to Willie Williams in Kalamazoo. “I’m sure he has problems,” Dolan, a recovering addict himself, told The Post. “I didn’t have the problem he has, but when you’re fighting addiction, it’s not that much different from anger management or other diseases where you can’t control yourself. The first step is to turn that around for yourself is admitting you have a problem.

A big part of the recommendation came as a result of receding levels of summertime Arctic sea ice, widely attributed to warming temperatures related to climate change. 2007 marked a record low for Arctic sea ice extent, a record broken again just last year. Geological Survey says that Arctic sea ice covered about 7.5 million square kilometers.

Interested in showing their loyalty and they interested in displaying their fandom, says Murray State professor Daniel Wann, who studies the psychology of sports fandom. Better way to do that than to get a tattoo of a championship that hasn happened yet? the fan, a tattoo of a team logo serves as a permanent public declaration of devotion. But using the body as a canvas for predicting a championship is a more recent phenomenon..

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