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At Bangor Municipal Golf CourseGross: Barry Hobert, Alan Anderson, Brian Lawton, Nick Carparelli 56, Jim Wilson, Bill O Tony Reynolds, Andy Fitzpatrick 58, Jason Harvey, Jacoby Harvey, Rick Pelletier, Kristin Pelletier 60; Net: Kevin New, Matt Karst, Alan Hussey, Gilbert Tibbets 53, Mike McCaffrey, Sean Foye, Brad Durost, Jason Cyr 56, Bruce Stewart, Brent Stewart, Brian Johnson, Quinn Paradis 57; Pins: No. 3 Randy Gifford 8 2, No. 6 Nick Carparelli 5 10, No.

When photographing in portrait mode or doing vertical style photography such as flat copy work, the Action level Cross will automatically sense its position and provide directional information to level your camera. Adjustments can also be made for both brightness and sensitivity and there is a calibration facility to custom set the unit for your particular application. For those looking to use their camera in low angle or overhead, there is also a remote unit available which will show the relayed information via a cable from the unit on your camera..

I once had a Japanese Spitz named LuckyHappy who always stayed outdoors because as a boy dog, he liked to leave his scent everywhere. Lucky Happy had his own, enclosed space which kept him safe from the rain and where there was a cool wind in the summer. But one day my maid told me something peculiar LuckyHappy liked to sleep on their slippers..

Not really. I rented for years, in apartment buildings, and houses. Bought my first house last year and everything about it is so much better. Getty ImageThe latest twist in the Charles Oakley incident with the Knicks that led to his arrest on Wednesday night in Madison Square Garden involves someone losing their job.According to DNAinfo New York, Knicks owner James Dolan fired Frank Benedetto, the senior vice president for security at Madison Square Garden, on Friday morning after the backlash of the incident. Firing Benedetto seems like a reach by Dolan to garner some form of support, considering most everyone that has spoken out on the issue like Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James has come in on Oakley’s side.However, it’s also clear that this is a rash decision to try and save some face by Dolan, and is one that sadly cost someone their job. The Knicks and Dolan have shown no remorse for their role in escalating the incident, but instead have now passed the buck onto Benedetto for the handling of Oakley’s removal from the arena.

I will soon. I have to pick a nite and go later when the crowds are lower. Maybe next week? I really enjoy Cars Land and this section of CA Adventure where the Wold of Color is held. LaChapelle, Bronwyn D. Landis, Dori A. Lane, Sarah E. The internet’s unofficial best friend, Oakley began posting videos on YouTube in 2007 as a way of keeping in touch with friends and family while he was away in college. When an upload of his gained more views than he had friends, he knew he might be on to something. “The first time was when I had 100 views on a single video and I was like, ‘Uhhh.

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