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Upon seeing a stopped car in an aisle of the parking lot, they waited and eventually decided to drive past, at which point other cars followed.The video comes at a time of heightened “Karen” discourse, as videos emerge on social media of white women acting entitled in public spaces. There’s the now infamous “Central Park Karen” (whose real name is Amy Cooper), who called the police on a black man who asked her to leash her dog per New York City legal code. Recently, a video also went viral on Twitter in which a woman who self identifies as Shelley Lewis (and also appears to also be a prominent flat earther) gets upset after being denied entry to a Gelson’s Market for refusing to wear a mask.

. G2voptics engineerthesun pico perihelion solarsimulation verticalfarming ledgrown horticulturewere in the market and getting great feedback, he said. We knew if we continued to grow organically, we were going to miss our opportunity in the vertical farming market to better funded competitors.

The only difficult issue at this location istiming it right to avoid the crowds. At this time of nite (9 PM) tons of people are there, but you still have to sit and wait sometimes for the correct timing. If I can recall took about 5 minutes for me to get the pathways empty.

I believe in the fight for LGBTQ rights, and that any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender is WRONG. I believe that the systemic racism we still see in this country towards people of color is terrifying, sickening and prevalent. I cannot vote for someone who will not be willing to fight for dignity for ALL Americans, no matter their skin color, gender or who they love.

I didn’t watch the Oscars, I never do, but I was surprised how many photos of celebs walking the carpet that I came across just by being logged into Facebook. The most notable was the selfie taken by Bradley Cooper at the urging of Ellen Degenereswhich shows both of them surrounded by other Celebs like Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep and . Read more.

In America, the 1890 census called the frontier closed: all of the lands explored claimed and settled. The death of Queen Victoria in 1901 was not only the end of a monarch but also an end to the era named for her. By 1911 the earth’s north and south poles would be reached.

Every Monday, MoveMail members are invited to take on a weekly challenge, like working out two times a day to the video “Sit to Stand and Scapular Depression Hold. Really not depressing though,” MailMove joked. Legs and shoulders will have a great time.

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