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They say, you wanna dance? they not saying much. If the song was called You Wanna Get Into Hegelian Dialectics? they have had a harder song to write. You can write a profound, beautiful song out of the simplest daily thing. The Gray FoxIn 1863, at sixteen years of age, Bill Miner took a very dangerous job as a message courier for the United States Army; can you see it? A sixteen year old boy taking the job of not a grown man, but a fool, delivering a message in the night, with waring Apache Indians, trained scouts, Natives to the land, and terrible foes against him, Bill Miner was King David, against, indirectly, many Goliaths. The message was to be delivered to a Colonel Corner at a fort on the Gile River. Besides the one hundred dollars paid to him for his amazing feat against tremendous odds, Bill also delivered many a message to the fort from the citizens of San Diego, charging between $5.00 to $25.00 per message.

Just my opinion, but I think women in their 50s and 60s, even when they are in great physical condition, look undignified and almost comical in micro mini skirts. Please ladies, dress your age. There is no need to look dowdy or frumpy just because you are a little older.

“I got up this morning at 7 o’clock woke up much earlier than that, but finally got up at 7 and something set me off and the water came,” Ross said, describing one of the countless texts, calls and tweets of solidarity he’s received over the past two weeks. “And I’m thinking, ‘My God, I’ve got this show to do today, and I can’t do this. I can’t be a distraction.’ That’s the wrong kind of emotion to elicit out of your audience.

In fact, the New York metro area hardly thought of as an affordable or cold real estate market is the most buyer friendly market right now. People who can afford to buy in the New York metro face relatively little competition that incites bidding wars, and properties sit longer on the market. It’s pricey New York City, in fact, that’s among the most buyer friendly within the metro area, while New Jersey cities such as Montclair, Bloomfield and New Brunswick far more heavily favor sellers..

160: Chase Morlock, Moorhead, pinned Mike Von Arx, Prior Lake, :38; Tyrell Martin, Henry Sibley, dec. Nic Schweisthal, Minnetonka, 12 2; Cory Hansen, Albert Lea, tech. Fall Nathan Peterson, Minneapolis South, 15 0; Kyle Begin, Anoka, pinned Will Noll, Centennial, :32; Anton Kalista, Lakeville North, dec.

A lot of folks waste money buying and selling, upsizing and downsizing, etc etc. Plus, you need a down payment, closing costs, and enough cash to pay for your first few mortgage payments. You need to budget for property tax and home insurance/repairs/maintenance.

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