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Now, we have become so wholly dependent upon computers that without them, our society would virtually collapse. Our banking systems, our cars, our telephone system, our grocery stores, every aspect of modern life relies on computers. They are everywhere.

Transits during the time you specified paint a picture of some energies being dealt with in a very public way: Pluto through the 7th, completely scouring and destroying previous notions of what it takes to partner; Jupiter through the 7th, exaggerating all mate or partnership activities (and the hurt and problems involved, as well); Uranus through the 10th, giving the reputation and public image a radical, erratic, or unstableaura (that doesn necessarily reflect reality, but it what others see); and Neptune from 9th to 10th, obscuring you, perhaps quite literally! from the sight of others. These major transits alone would explain the way others see you, acknowledge you, are attracted by what they imagine they see (Neptune influence) and then . You slip from their attention, and they abandon their intent. And I just supposing, here, but the pattern of men engaging, reassuring you of their interest, and then not following through may hint that what you are conveying to them may more openly show your (quite justified) hurt, need, and desire for rescue, in some sense, than you are aware of, and for many this isn an aphrodisiac..

> Coming up with something truly new is much, much harder than people give it credit for100% agree, and yet harder still is to keep working on something truly new, trying to drive it forwards, when at best nobody cares and at worst people actively resist the implicit challenge to the status quo. They right, that really hard, but innovation is about much more than that it really about sticking with the good new idea for a long period of time when there are no obvious (to most people) incentives to do so, economic or otherwise. The ancient Greeks played with idea of the Sun being the center of the solar system, along with inventing gear systems, and programmable mechanical robots (sometimes using wound thread).

Houses are often seen with vines trellised over the roof. No space is wasted. The locals make their own wine for home consumption. However, these Renaissance historians were known to closely with each other and some (for example, John Hooker, Sir William Pole both Devon men) were at work on their separate surveys of Devon at the end of the 16th century. Camden and William Lambarde, the Kent antiquarian, were among the first members of the College of Antiquaries, founded in about 1586 and the immediate predecessor of the 18th c. Society of Antiquaries.

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