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From sprains, broken bones and headconcussions, to even fatal accidents, amusement park mishaps often seem to make the headlines on the news. Yet, many times these accidents could have been prevented if only park visitors used a bit of caution and common sense. Knowledge is ultimately power, and if you act wisely and take good care to watch yourself by practicing some extra caution, your trip to the theme park may be uneventful allowing you to bring home only great memories about the rides and cheery characters.

Article Sidebar Share CloseShare this Story: What to see as The Works Art Design fest goes into its final days Copy Link Email Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest LinkedIn TumblrWorks Art Design FestivalWhere: 33 venues throughout the cityWhen: Through July 1As far as gigantic circuses of unrelated art go, the Works Art Design Festival feels a bit small and reserved this year, despite being in its 30th year, with 63 exhibits and more than 700 works of art.At its nucleus, Churchill Square which acts as the Works’ headquarters has less political punch than earlier incarnations, Alexandra Bischoff’s evocative menstrual panties washing performance and the creepy smart surveillance video of Chris Oakley aside. While Susanna Barlow’s message of renewal in the garden of potatoes in front of City Hall is important, human spuds passed out on beanbag chairs surrounded by potato plants sends mixed messages of inactivity and couch potatoes perhaps part of the point.Because The Works sets up in independent galleries, a number of shows were either inaccessible most of the week due to limited gallery hours such as at Bleeding Heart Arts Space and Creative Practices Institute and some were not even mounted halfway through the festival at a couple spots. In the case of the no show at Canada Place, the art wasn’t there at all but boy do they have flags.”These things do happen, it’s the reality of the game,” explains Amber Rooke, the festival’s executive artistic director.

One of the several consequences of Covid 19 has been to expose the fault lines in how society was ordered before coronavirus struck. It has become clearer that many cracks were papered over as the country and its people set about their daily lives. From the health service to the education system, from security of employment to the day to day existence of many families close to the cliff edge of life one wayward step and they fall into the abyss..

The inner peace Collins noticed has Oakley slowing down his game offensively. When he takes his time and shoots that jumper in rhythm, he is a threat from 20 feet. Since the All Star break, the Bulls have seemingly called Oakleys number the first play of every game, freeing him up for an open jumper.

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