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The wonder and expanse of the English language becomes even more apparent when you consider that many words in English have more than one definition, perhaps along with more than one pronunciation. Take the word “bass,” for example. It can be pronounced with a short a sound or with a long a sound, and each pronunciation has a totally different meaning.

Within the first 48 hours of Canada slipping into a pandemic induced lockdown, had to close more than 20 bars, clubs and restaurants he owns in Toronto and Montreal, lay off 2,600 employees, pull the plug on multiple construction projects and cancel some of the most popular summer festivals in both cities.He alternates between sounding stunned, dejected and hopeful when talking about the plight of Ink Entertainment, a company he founded 36 years ago that has, to a large extent, been responsible for crafting the sleek, exclusive, corporate but fun, ritzy but arrogant vibe of Toronto entertainment and clubbing districts.sad, draining, straining: I don have a good adjective for this, let put it that way, he said over the phone from his penthouse unit in Bisha Hotel, the company jewel in downtown Toronto that opened just two years ago.been moving very fast lately, we had a lot of projects in the works and for that to come to a halt in just a few days is just sad. I sad.wanted to keep French Made open for my mental health and just to have some sort of activity in the building where I live so I don feel so depressed, he said. The cafe is not making money, because we have to pay for labour, supplies, things like that but I just wanted to leave some life in the building.

The faster the action, the faster shutter speed setting you need to choose. The narrower aperture you use the more chance you’ll have of getting your subject in focus. A narrow aperture, using a high f stop number, creates more depth of field. For Swaraj strongly opposes this move as it will make Panjab University inaccessible for many talented and meritorious students. Approximately 43% of all students at PU are in self financed courses, with already high and unjust tuition fee ranging from 31,000 to 2.45 lakh. Any further increase in fees during this crisis is condemnable, they said..

Trump announced May 15 that Perna would co lead the day to day effort as the operation’s chief operating officer, along with former pharmaceutical executive Moncef Slaoui as chief adviser.Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. (Stefani Reynolds/CNP/Bloomberg via Getty Images)Perna has already moved up to Washington from AMC’s Huntsville, Ala., headquarters, according to Esper.Although timely development and production of a vaccine is the main objective of Operation Warp Speed, the initiative is “also looking at producing and supplying and distributing therapeutics and diagnostics,” Esper added. According to experts, people over 60 and those who are immunocompromised continue to be the most at risk.

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