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Studies suggest that 12 per cent of South Africans own guns. It’s a relatively high percentage by global standards. But it still means that the vast majority of South Africans prefer not to have guns in their houses mostly for safety reasons, since they realize how often guns can be stolen, misused, or accidentally fired..

Kat Blaque: YouTube has always been a really important thing in my life. I’ve used it since I was 15 years old. And initially I did your very typical trans blogger stuff of like documenting transition and things like that. I am not one of those who subscribes to the mythology of the “Star Wars” saga. I have always regarded the Joseph Campbell inspired hoo ha as so much deep dish blathering. When I wrote about “Return of the Jedi” a while back in my book “Rainer on Film,” I described it as “a myth without a vision,” and to some extent that remains true even of “The Force Awakens.”.

Established in 1979, Baird MacGregor Insurance Brokers LP is a leading full service Canadian owned insurance brokerage serving a variety of corporate and personal clientele. Baird MacGregor is an experienced niche commercial insurance provider and a recognized specialist to the transportation industry. Newport holds a 77.5 % interest in Baird MacGregor Insurance Brokers LP..

The top ten diners will be named in early December, and then you get to vote again, for the readers choice winner. I visit those ten semifinalists with a crew of assistant judges, and then I will pick the overall winner in mid December. Stay tuned for details on how you can be one of the assistant judges..

That wage got me on IBR for $129 I paid more than the minimum but, still accrued interest faster. I was lucky to have $15 left at the end of the month, after rent, utilities car payments AND getting my groceeies from a food bank. This system is not sustainable and, if people want to talk about passing the burden on to taxpayers, that would be to the borrower, who has to pay income tax on money they never earned, while the private lender gets a tax credit on the principal.

Can I refuse to go back to work?A: If the children are so young that they need an attendant and there is no one else in the household to care for them, you can refuse to return to work and take an emergency job protected leave without disentitling yourself from the CERB.Q: I returned from maternity leave in early March. Before my leave I earned approximately $2,500 per month, but due to COVID 19, my hours were reduced and I earned only $900 in my first month back at work. My employer is planning to apply to the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidyto cover my salary going forward.

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