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That’s not a verifiable fact, but it’s probably mostly true, the reason being that he’s just a generally likeable guy. That’s not a verifiable fact, but it’s probably mostly true, the reason being that he’s just a generally likeable guy. The band plays, and Elmo provides some supporting vocals.

That changed in December 2000 when a Harvard School of Public Health study linked emissions from the plants to 41 premature deaths, 550 emergency room visits and 2,800 asthma attacks annually. Harvard decided to study Illinois’ nine fossil fuel power plants because of their proximity to large populations. Pilsen and Little Village were among the nation’s densest populated neighborhoods near coal plants..

It’s popping! As soon as the first few kernels pop, turn the heat down a bit to between medium and medium high. You will be able to tell how much has popped by the decreasingly hollow sounds inside the pan. Start shaking the pan vigorously when you feel the pan is about half full of popped kernels.

I also love built community fixes to uneven division of labour, however, such as the utopian socialist society designed by self taught architect Alice Constance Austin in the 1910s, in which ‘kitchenless homes’ were connected by a system of underground tunnels used for commuting, laundry and hot meal collection and delivery (from a large centralised city kitchen and laundry), as well as the transportation of supplies and goods. These utopian ideas might seem fanciful, but in fact we can no longer afford our inefficient nuclear family dwellings on environmental as well as social justice grounds. I argue for radical new ideas around post fossil fuel communalism.

Spurs were made to pay for their profligacy when Wednesday registered their first away win of the season courtesy of Niclas Alexandersson’s 38th minute strike. Gerald Sibon lobbed into the box, Wim Jonk layed the ball off and Alexandersson buried his sixth goal of the season and his third in as many games. Wednesday were thankful for a miss by Chris Armstrong just after the hour when the Spurs striker somehow contrived to put the ball wide from just eight yards out.

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