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George Croghan (1718 1782), Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County: An emigrant from Ireland in the mid 18th century, Croghan established one of the largest and most effective trade networks in America. He started a trading business in Cumberland County but soon became an Indian agent for the British in Ohio Country. His mastery of Native American relations allowed him to expand trade across the lower half of Pennsylvania and into Ohio.

Gov. Chris Christie today announced the Hall of Fame’s 2012 class, which includes Mara; Campbell’s condensed soup inventor John Dorrance; the legendary E Street Band; late publishing tycoon Samuel I. Newhouse Sr. Shaka built a new kraal which he called kwaBulawayo(at place of He Who Kills, or the Killing Place). He improved the material culture and social system of the Zulus. Shaka started building the Zulu Army from scratch.

After first being spotted in the province last year. Experts are now trying to determine how many nests might be in the ground and where they might be. Agriculture ministry said. Two other design elements make St. Charles unique metalwork done by not yet well known local artist Harold Balazs and the faceted glass work of artist Gabriel Loire of Chartres, France. Balazs’ touch is everywhere throughout the church, the first of which is seen in the 12 torch fired enamel panels on the entry doors, together telling the story of Jesus’ life.

In light of these statistics, we need to address the real problem with children’s books inequity. My step daughter, Kim McGill (also African American), has written and illustration a fabulous first reader children’s picture book that she submitted to several publishers, including Lee Low, who only publish non white children’s books. But she was rejected by all and had to self publish also..

While the English speaking sub culture on Pakistani Twitter has been vehement in their condemnation of the abusive women and in support of Uzma and Huma Khan, how this story plays out will be equally reflective of our societal and cultural values. Will the sisters be able to remain steadfast in their pursuit for justice? Will the assailants be brought to task for assaulting the defenseless women, threatening to have them raped? Will our media stop glorifying abuse against women, whether at the hands of men or other women? The answers will unfold with time but we have little reason to be hopeful. The patriarchy has powerful friends..

Many survivors had lasting depression and other ailments. Babies born just after the pandemic tended to be smaller and weaker and do less well in life. Economic studies have tried to determine whether jurisdictions that responded differently had different subsequent growth.

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