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Also at Greenbelt I went to a talk in the Quaker led ResisTent with a panel of activists, three of whom have been arrested for protesting against the British arms industry but they did not call us all to face such trials instead they pointed out that their activities are simply the tip of an iceberg that is made up by the many who write, sign, march, pressure and that without that support they could not make the high profile protests that create the publicity so disliked by those in power. So it is for Masha and the other members of Pussy Riot their fame highlights other injustices and the long path that must be walked for real salvation for all people. As Masha concludes, as her amnesty whisked her away from her final prison camp in a government car, “Freedom doesn’t exist unless you fight for it everyday.

In 1977, Anne was diagnosed with a non cancerous brain tumour. During her time in hospital, she wore a shirt that read, “I Will Win” and win she did. Despite a few setbacks during recovery, Anne persevered. At least it’ll hold up well on the at home revisits it’s bound to enjoy as Marvel’s sinister sounding Phase Three marches on. Because in all the ways that matter most characterization, performance, emotional tension, allegorical heft Civil War is Earth’s Mightiest Marvel movie. It is also, at 147 minutes, the longest, but every minute is up there on the screen, so to speak.

A: “Ah, teenagers. Her late nights are partly biologically driven. Hormonal changes during puberty affect the body’s internal clock, which means most high schoolers even ones who used to be early risers tend to stay up well after dark and sleep until noon.

I added a few changes today to the blog. I am working on updating it. Next big step is to increase the blog size so I can post larger photos! very soon! I see everyone coming out with IPad Screensavers. Power would be available at Southerness, but sometimes it can trip when overused and I wasn’t sure how it would respond to charging a Leaf, hence stopping in Dumfries was a precaution. In Scotland the largest network is Chargeplace Scotland, it requires a separate access card or the CYC app, which I have but it often doesn’t work. Before setting off I had spoken to CYC and they had confirmed that if the app was showing error I could phone them.

SCP aims to make potential targets of crime more difficult and risky for potential offenders by ‘designing out crime’ in particular locations by ‘target hardening’ measures, like post coding goods, use of anti climb paint, CCTV, locks, premises and car alarms. This both reduces the opportunities for crime in particular locations and poses greater risks for offenders and encourages them not to commit an offence. SCP is therefore concerned with preventing crime in particular locations rather than with catching offenders..

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