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Never rode Nikes, but I bought Adidas boots from a quality local shop. Adidas customer service is goddamned ATROCIOUS and I have pretty mixed feelings about supporting them over core companies. Dealing with them for a simple warranty was the worst customer service I ever experienced (and I a begrudging Comcast customer)..

We introduce some concepts for assessing the robustness of statistical procedures in the NPI framework, namely sensitivity curve and breakdown point. The classical breakdown point does not apply to our context as the predictive inferences are bounded, so we change the definition to suit our context. Most of our nonparametric inferences have a reasonably good robustness with regard to small changes in the data.

His family said Friday that he died in hospice and 110% until the end. A Facebook post, his parents said they wanted the funeral be big so we can send off this sweet boy with a bang. Are going to give Oakley a full military service in honor of his wish to become an Man one day, they wrote on Facebook.

Bank Stadium return to the Armory for the second year in a row, bringing the Wu Tang Clan to town a year after the nine man crew triumphant return at the Soundset festival. Gets to open for the New York hip hop legends Friday night, while the Saturday lineup belongs to electronic dance guru Diplo of Major Lazer fame, spinning a rare of late DJ set. The fun wraps Sunday with late alt metal hitmakers Incubus of fame and beloved local noise punk trio the Blind Shake.

Worse than a big old piece of chocolate cake after dinner or that mid afternoon Snickers break is the non stop snack snack snacking or sip sip sipping that goes on in offices and schools across America. “It’s not just how much sugar or starch we eat,” Harms says. “It’s how you eat.”.

Chris Brown said she was “flexing for the gram”). “I don’t know where the common sense goes,” she sighs. “You can’t believe that everybody means what they say to the fullest extent because that will really fuck you up.” While her candour was a salve for fans going through mental health issues, it led to some accusing her of being fake (professional moron Chris Brown said she was “flexing for the gram”).

To qualify as a healthy snack, an item had to contain less than 250 calories with fat calories making up less than 35 percent of the total, and a maximum of 10 percent of those calories could come from saturated fat. Sugar could only be no higher than 35 percent by weight, and sodium content was limited to 360 milligrams. In addition, all approved items had to be trans fat free.

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