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From the kitchen cabinets to the kitchen flooring, we’ll make sure the entire room is constructed with durable products that will look beautiful for years. Likewise, your bathroom remodels can involve replacing the bathroom countertops and bathroom cabinets, installing a new shower or tub, laying down new flooring, and much more. In short, we can professionally design and renovate just about any aspect of a kitchen or bathroom, or for that fact, any room in your home..

While officers were occupied with that, there were calls stacking up in the precinct, including numerous calls for welfare checks on houseless community members who were exposed to the frigid weather. Among other duties, officers were facilitating getting those individuals to warming shelters if they wished. The precinct, which is the only police facility open to the public 24 hours a day, was locked for security.

I was cast as Emile in the school production of “South Pacific” and I had to sing “Some Enchanted Evening,” which features this ascending melody that starts in a low baritone and finishes in a high falsetto. I was barely six months into puberty at the time, mind you, so my lower register was only just beginning to develop. I was a hot mess.

Even short term federal grants leave the City eventually paying the entire operating cost.Public safety services are most definitely a priority since 1999, public safety staffing has grown more than twice as fast the rest of City government.But we also plow snow, pick up garbage and recycling, clear leaves and brush, install street and traffic lights, ensure fair elections and safe dwellings, and invest in equity by paying to operate libraries, parks, neighborhood centers, clinics and buses.We cannot build both a police station and a fire station in a one to two year period and simply absorb it in the operating budget. Other programs, aspirations, expectations and goals for our residents will have to be curtailed and set aside.While my 2017 executive operating budget adds 4 new police patrol officers by funding the former Education Resource Officers from the City tax levy, I did not provided operations funding for either the Midtown Station or Fire Station 14 in my 2017 executive operating budget. According to the Police and Fire Departments, $500,000 is needed in 2017 to begin recruiting, hiring, training and equipping 34 new positions for these two new facilities (7 at Midtown and 27 at Fire Station 14).Paul R.

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