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Three of which were one nighters. One was brought in by the police, and the other three came in on their own. Fulton St. “I don’t want to see a tattoo of your own last name surrounded by roses. I don’t want to see tribal art, pinup girls, or shamrocks. They’re all overdone.

These are disturbing cases where individuals are shooting recklessly and putting innocent people in harm’s way. In one incident, a 6 yr old child was watching television in her home when a stray bullet entered. Additionally, we had two armed robberies where one victim was pistol whipped and another victim threatened with a gun, both in predominantly residential neighborhoods.

Most of my media consumption revolves around mainstream news and artist interviews. I prefer videos and interviews source information. Honestly, I should probably be more involved with politics, but it difficult to find a place to start. I am hosting a virtual neighborhood meeting to discuss a focused amendment to the Capitol Gateway Corridor BUILD Plan (2008), with the hope that the amendment can be introduced on October 5 and run concurrently with Curt Brink’s proposed multi family residential building known as “Archipelago Apartments” at 920 E Main St. As currently scheduled. The amendment would provide rationale for supporting residential use as a component of the 900 block overall, given the substantial Employment components already approved, and the compatibility of the immediate surroundings with residential use..

It surprises on a couple of points. Burchfield’s later work all watercolor on paper, some as large as 6 by 6 feet is idiosyncratic, bursting with vitality and totally unique.Charles Burchfield’s “Looking Thru a Bridge”Charles E. Burchfield FoundationIt feels almost as though the medium was made precisely for him: Bright forest glades filled with birdsong (which the artist painted as sound waves) are fluidly alive; heavy limbed trees, haloed in beatific light, seem almost to pulse.

“Some defense attorneys have echoed those arguments, saying that those who participated in the attack were doing so at the behest of Trump.” “But for the president, they would not have walked down Pennsylvania Avenue,” Al Watkins, defending “QAnon shaman” Jacob Chansley, told the Post. “They believed the president was going with them. Kramer, chief of the Federal Public Defender Office for Washington, said he expects numerous attorneys for Capitol rioters to argue that Trump “told them to march up Pennsylvania Avenue, and he be leading them, and he the commander in chief of the military and the nation top law enforcement officer.” You can read more about what Trump and the Capitol insurrectionists said before and during the assault, and preview likely legal arguments, at The Washington Post..

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