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(Privacy Policy)AppNexusThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)OpenxThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)Rubicon ProjectThis is an ad network. The new display moves from OLED to the Fast switch LCD type that the company used on the Rift S. It still operates at 72hz, but Oculus says that it will be pushing 90hz refresh rates to the device The most noticeable difference to users will be the enhanced clarity of the screen which boasts a different pixel layout as well as a lot more pixels than the previous generation, over 50% more in fact. In practical use, the new display is noticeably clearer and makes painful VR experiences like reading small paragraphs of text a lot less painful..

Don’t worry! Brady didn’t have to make the move to Florida alone. The Tampa Bay brass gifted him an Emotional Support Gronk. Rob Gronkowski, tight end and longtime New England teammate of Brady’s, came out of retirement specifically to don the red and pewter and take a shot at another championship with his buddy.

“He can beat a goalie with his shot, but what I always found exceptional about him was he finds different ways to score. He’s not really one dimensional. He can come down the wing and pick a corner but can also tip pucks in front and has a nose for the net.

Spotify is also reportedly testing a new ‘Favourite Device’ feature for speakers that support Spotify Connect. The feature lets you set you smart speaker at home as a ‘favourite device,’ so the next time your phone is near that speaker, you’ll be prompted to automatically switch playback from the your phone to the speaker. For now, it appears that you can only set one speaker as a ‘Favourite Device,’ but we’ll see how this evolves once it’s rolled out to the public..

Act I: Republican state Rep. Jim Spillane posts on Facebook that it’s open season on any house with a Black Lives Matter sign posted on its lawn. If you see one, his post reads, you’re “free to loot and burn that house.” Another state representative, Republican Dawn Johnson, posts an article on her own social media from a known neo Nazi site that includes a Jewish caricature and a racial slur.

According to the staff report, “a restaurant has operated at the site with 99 seats for almost 30 years and a review of city records revealed no parking related complaints.”Councilor Del Pepper asked how the restaurant would handle parking when the second floor was rented out for special events.”The staff has a condition that when the second floor is being used for a special event, that we find off street parking,” David Chamowitz, the attorney for the applicant, said. “As an actual matter of fact the people having a special event will be very motivated to find parking for their guests so I think both as a regulatory matter and a practical matter, that will take care of itself.”Council expressed support for the expansion and approved the proposal unanimously, by a 5 0 vote. Councilors John Chapman and Canek Aguirre were not present at the public hearing.”I’m excited about this expansion.

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