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I also wanna shout out Warbringer seeing as you got metallica and megadeth as one of your listed bands. They are a thrash metal outfit and most their songs is about war. In itself this is not reall unique but their vocalist Jon Kevill really pours his soul into writing good lyrics.

That what pushes the industry forward, Trevett said. Khronos is fixing, is don compete on a basic API call, because if you compete there, you just adding friction, you not adding value. At the moment it is impossible to write an application that can run everywhere, and that the engineering problem that Khronos is looking to fix.

This thesis examines the relationship between rebel organisation and violence against civilians in sub Saharan Africa. I argue that rebels use such one sided violence to enforce popular support when they are unable to secure support otherwise. An important determinant of this strategic use of violence is the rebels’ organisational configuration.

Trained as a propaganda artist in his native North, Sun Mu felt that there was little else he wanted to do. Free from the constraints of the dictatorship, he started painting again, and eventually discovered his own style. He began producing satirical works: blending images of North Korean communism with pop art, sometimes even drawing inspiration from the colourful world of Disney..

Some have asked me what my position is on this development. At this point I am focusing on representing the questions and concerns of the adjacent neighborhoods to the developer and continuing to gather feedback. Ultimately, I will only support a project that helps to implement our adopted plans and that is a benefit to our community.

The City has created a website for information on the deployment of Small Cell Infrastructure as the implementation of 5G technology approaches. There are a host of concerns about the technology and deployment, including impacts on street aesthetics, potential vegetation/tree removal, interference with weather and research instruments, and potential health impacts. The federal and state governments have so far not left much room for municipalities to regulate the new infrastructure, but there are opportunities as detailed on the website.

You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy noticeA cruel couple have been banned from keeping animals for life after cropping the ears of their American bully puppies.James Voice, 31, and partner Lucy Thompson, 22, admitted cropping the ears of their three young puppies.RSPCA inspectors and police officers found 13 week old puppies Khaleesi and Nymeria, and 10 week old Enemy, all with the tips of their ears removed during a raid on their home on August 27.Ear cropping is an “incredibly painful” and increasing illegal practice, according to the RSPCA.It is illegal in England and Wales, under Section 5 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006, and means owners cannot crop their dogs’ ears or send them to have their ears cropped.The couple, who both live in Queen Elizabeth Road, Camp Hill, Nuneaton, were charged jointly with causing or permitting a mutilated procedure namely ear cropping to take place on their three puppies.Read MoreFace of the thug who assaulted a PCSO and police officer in Nuneatonpainful Inspector Beth Boyd said: “Police had a warrant to search for puppies with illegally cropped ears. There were three XL American bully puppies inside, all with cropped ears.”Thirteen week olds Khaleesi and Nymeria, and 10 week old Enemy all had the tips of their ears removed. This process can be incredibly painful for dogs and can also cause long term health, welfare and behaviour problems for the dogs.”As part of our enquiries we spoke to vets who had seen Khaleesi and Nymeria for vaccinations and they confirmed that both dogs had their ears intact at that point, meaning the cropping must have been carried out by the owners after their first vaccinations.”As a result, the puppies were seized and are set to be re homed.”Police seized all three dogs and they have remained in our care during the case,” the RSPCA inspector added.”Thankfully, they’ve been in foster homes where they’ve been doing really well and we’re thrilled that we can now rehome them all.”What happened in court The pair appeared Birmingham Magistrates’ Court on Friday (February 5 ) where they both pleaded guilty to one offence under Section 5 of the Animal Welfare Act for causing the cropping of three puppies’ ears..

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