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Alexandria Ocasio Cortez recently questioned how a Biden White House and a Congress controlled by Democrats could wind up sending stimulus checks to fewer Americans than the Trump administration.The move from Neal, who did not directly answer questions on income thresholds for the checks during a news conference Monday, came a day after Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the Biden administration did not want to leave first responders and educators earning around $60,000 out to dry at a time of unprecedented job loss and increased child poverty.Many working class Americans, including educators, health care workers, police officers and firefighters earning more than $50,000 are still struggling to put food on the table, often because they have children and have had to adjust their work schedules or leave work entirely to provide child care, several Democrats argued over the weekend.”While it is still our hope that Republicans will join us in doing right by the American people, the urgency of the moment demands that we act without further delay,” Neal said.About a week ago, Republicans, as part of an overall $618 billion compromise, had pressed the White House to target full payments to Americans earning less than $40,000 and couples $80,000, arguing relief should go to those hardest hit by the pandemic. Manchin, meanwhile, sought $50,000 and $100,000 thresholds for full payments.With Democrats and Republicans evenly split in the Senate Vice President Kamala Harris could cast the deciding vote in case of a tie Democrats can’t afford any “no” votes for the stimulus to make its way to Biden’s desk. Some lawmakers are concerned the conservative Manchin could tank the entire proposal, Politico reported.Another proposal working its way through Neal’s committee would see families receive up to $3,600 per child under 6 and $3,000 for every child between 6 and 17.

‘We go out a lot during the week, so we usually stay in at the weekends,’ she told InStyle recently of how they spend their days off. ‘We’ll have friends over for a big dinner party or do a movie. On Sundays Justin cooks. You just another straw manning backwards thinker that doesn realize the ability to speak doesn put weight behind your words.Social media sucks. I miss the days where no one knew how to use a browser, when there was a barrier for entry to conversation happening online. That when the real debate was happening..

What could be more American than Heinz ketchup? It sits in refrigerators and restaurants both humble and high end across the land. Its name adorns the stadium of one of the NFL’s most storied football franchises, the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s a global American icon, standing alongside the likes of GE, McDonald’s, Coca Cola, and Boeing..

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