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Please stop listing Microsoft Office fucking anywhere. Seriously. Your skills are actually relevant but you have those all the way at the very bottom of the resume. Mandalorian is over and I don want to rewatch old movies and tv. Netflix has made it clear that it believes that because it has such a large, global subscriber base, it needs to have something new, effectively every single day, in order to retain its viewers as well as give it the best chance to attract new ones.Disney, meanwhile, seems content to have one show a quarter to drive new sign ups and conversation. Notice how The Mandalorian eight episode season ended the last week of December.

On the software front, the Nokia 5310 runs the very old Symbian Series 30+, which made its first appearance in 2014. There is no way to download or install any sort of apps. Yes, there is an app store, but that doesn’t work half the time, and it is severely limited.

Amador tested positive after giving a urine sample following a June 13 interleague game against the Chunichi Dragons at home in Sendai. The 6’4″ “El Gigante de Mulege” first offered testimony at a July 30 hearing, saying he’d never knowingly take a banned substance but declining to appeal the test results, and gave another explanation on September 4. The NPB ratification was handed down Friday and marks the fifth time that Japanese baseball’s governing body has suspended a player for doping since drug testing was introduced in 2007; Amador’s suspension is the first since 2011..

Are especially proud of our collaboration with Facebook, which projects an iconic brand like Ray Ban into an increasingly digital and social future, said Rocco Basilico, head of wearables at Luxottica. A brand that is loved and worn by millions of consumers around the globe with technology that has brought the world closer together, we can reset expectations around wearables. Reality Labs is a relatively new division for the company.

It’s a common misconception that the “accountable officers” part of this section means officers can be charged the full amount for a loss. Accountable officers are very narrowly defined by the AR and the term does not apply to just any officer signed for property. For any person/type of property not specifically listed, the cap is one month’s base pay, regardless of rank..

In recent years, celebrities like Laverne Cox and Caitlyn Jenner have brought more visibility to trans issues. Department of Health and Human Services lifted a long held policy that barred Medicare from providing coverage for trans, nonbinary and gender nonconforming medical issues. But members of the trans community often still rely on internet research and word of mouth to find good doctors, and only a handful of research and university based medical institutions provide comprehensive care..

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