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Still one must speculate what those extra spines were for. Perhaps this made them less likely to eaten by the predators of the day. Were these spines solid enough to withstand an attack or did they detach like porcupine quills? Were they filled with venom like a scorpion? These are some of the questions that many paleontologists would love the answer to, unfortunately without the aid of a time machine we’re not likely to figure it out.Walliserops: Walliserop is another oddity we’re not too sure about.

Topical Estrogen Creams, gels and sprays offer other ways of getting estrogen into your system. Examples include gels (like Estroge and Divigell), creams (likeEstrasorb), and sprays (likeEvamist). As with patches, this type of estrogen treatment is absorbed through the skin directly into the bloodstream.

Vegan based food within the Rastafarian culture is ital food. This is synonymous to kosher food within the Jewish culture. Not all Rastafarian’s are vegans though. Thin bedded limestones and marls are dominant but there is also gypsum and dolomite. The Jurassic Cretaceous boundary is near the base of this sequence. The Building Stones and the Purbeck Marble, a gastropod limestone have long been quarried.

The former power forward carried his grudge even further Friday nine days after his ejection and arrest from the Garden after he allegedly cursed at Knicks staffers and security lashing out at his former teammates and other ex Knicks.He apparently did not appreciate Latrell Sprewell, Bernard King and Larry Johnson turning their backs on him by sitting with Dolan at a recent game.”I can’t respect Sprewell,” Oakley said. “These guys were flown in town to make [Dolan] look good. I can’t respect those guys no more.”The silence of former compadre Patrick Ewing also got him going.”Any time for Patrick [Ewing] to speak up, you think this would be it,” Oakley told Mike Wise of The Undefeated.

Sometimes, bad things happen not because of people having bad intentions, but because they didn think it through properly. Poor design choices are often made due to negligence and human error, but asshole designs are specifically engineered to exploit the user for profit. Try to think what the designer would gain from deceiving the user, and if it likely to be an oversight on their part rather than an intentional design..

I bumped into two geologists just a couple of months ago surveying the coastline close to me. I mentioned the mudflood theorem to them as we were coincidentally in a now landscaped quarry that was the subject of a YT mudflood vid that also featured a mudflooded starfort building. I explained that the quarry face was in fact part of the starfort and the building in question was a Tartarian energy mudflooded building, by this time they were very nervously glancing at each other wondering how quick they could get away from the nutcase!!! At this point I said that according to a YT vid I watched, the look of relief was priceless!.

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